Apr 29 2009

Taking a break

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I’ve been very blessed to have this blog. First it was a called A Readable Feast, part of the ClubMom blog program that started in the summer of 2006. The ClubMom people were great. They gave me a free pass to the BlogHer 2006 conference, which jumpstarted many fine relationships with other bloggers and with the BlogHer people.

When they ended the program in November 2007, they were nice enough to let me take my content with me. I moved it over here to My Readable Feast.

But now I’m so busy with other opportunities and blogs, like This Mama Cooks! On a Diet, that I feel it’s time to close this blog down. It’s the best course of action since I’m not too passionate about children’s book and cooking activities these days. We must be close to summer vacation.

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